The water conduits (work in progress)
At the beginning of 2021, I took a few walks around the outskirts of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in order to make up for the lack of movement after an illness.

The route of one of the walks took place along the Ropsha Heights, where there are water conduits that carry water to the fountains of Peterhof. Everyone knows the ceremonial splendor of the fountains of the Upper and Lower parks of Petrodvorets. Few know how and by what means this miracle of hydraulic engineering works.
Exactly 300 years ago, the Russian hydraulic engineer Tuvolkov V.G. designed and executed the first fountain system of Peterhof, the concept of water supply remained almost unchanged.

At present, the culvert system of Peterhof consists of 37 main water elements: 12 rivers and streams, 9 canals, 16 ponds. The length of all watercourses is 56 km. I walked only 12 km, but I plan to continue moving along.
The walk made it possible to make a kind of inner journey, to reflect on history and on a dream brought to life.

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